RaDAR – ZS6BNE November challenge plan

This Saturday will see the third and last RaDAR challenge for the year 2016.

A good friend, Rickus ZS4A may be able to make a FM SO-50 satellite contact with me and I’ve used two reasonable passes to determine where my four hour RaDAR activity should take place. It is also later in the day making DX QSO’s possible.

Another important point is that there is an unusually high percentage of snake sightings these past few weeks in my RaDAR playground with my wife and grandson almost tramping on a puff adder just after dark the other evening, a highly venomous snake!

There are also harmless snakes like this spotted grass snake but it’s not worth taking a chance. A very dangerous snake, the boomslang, looks very similar and they have been seen there too. I regard all snakes as dangerous and keep my distance but in the dark they are not always that visible!


Starting at 15:00 local time or CAT  (13:00 UTC) and ending at 19:00 CAT (17:00 UTC)

15:00 local (1)

15:03 to 15:15 – SO-50 Satellite

Minimalistic RaDAR (40m – end fed)

16:00 local (2)

Lightweight RaDAR (40m / 20m – two band linked dipole)

16:42 to 16:55 – SO-50 Satellite

17:00 local (3)

QRO (Higher power) RaDAR (All suitable HF bands – Seven band linked dipole)

18:00 local (4)

QRO RaDAR Digital modes   (All suitable HF bands – Seven band linked dipole)


Return home before dark ………..

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