RaDAR – Ultralight kit ideas


I’ve been trying different things for quite a while now.

Certainly the centre of my station and success is the FT817ND and its internal batteries.

In the past I used its companion LDG z817 ATU until I discovered a better antenna. I tried many antennas from Windoms or Off Centre Fed Dipoles to open wire fed random length dipoles / delta loops and of course the awesome inverted vee’s. All of the above except the inverted vees incorporated the tuner and 4:1 balun. They all worked … well.

Then I did experiments with not very much used end fed half wave antennas and without a doubt this is the best antenna for rapid deployement / redeployment. It works extremely well for what it is!

I still need to find the courage to let the z817 ATU go and take it out of the kit ….. already I don’t carry a 4:1 balun anymore although it’s very handy for improvising an antenna when none other is available.

The use of a fixed impedance matching system eliminates the need for a tuner and less things to do to get on the air! The antenna simply just works surprisingly well.

Using fixed matching systems requires an assortment of antennas which can easily be packed into the backpack if nicely designed. Mine needs modifications it’s a little bulky but it was for the experiments ….

Oh , my latest pack is only 20l with two compartments and side pockets where I keep a sharp pocket knife, tools, compass and headlamp and in the other a carbiner, one or two lightweight ropes, Hammer perpetuem gels (The best by far) for lightweight energy “food”. I guess a pack of dried fruit could be added and a small medical aid kit.

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE
SARL member. Radio ZS Contributor. Licenced since 1975
Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio