RaDAR – An expedition idea


Last night I was doing my weekly jog at our local marathon club, walking / jogging 2km to get there then a 4km loop with the *guys*.

How I wanted to turn off and go back home but the conversations were so interesting I made it back to the club, barely able to talk 

After two small cups of cooldrink I made the 2km trip back home in much the same manner how I got there in the first place 

OK …. jogging clears the mind!

I was thinking, theres a local 21km óff road run organised by the church some time next month, the “Chicken challenge”, it’s tough for the unfit, I know I’ve done it two or three times.

Then I thought of using this run as a RaDAR expedition, after all I normally come last anyway but it’s an opportunity to run through game farms and on trails.

I could stop every now and then when I need to catch my breath, get the end fed into a tree, and call on 7090 SSB or 7020 CW.

I could carry my Android device running APRSDroid that my position be tracked on Google so you know I’m still alive or not chasing after Giraffe’s or running away from a blou wildebees.

Fortunately the lions and cheetahs, not to mention the wild dog’s are fenced in ……

So how’s that for FUN?

Now, the kit will include 2l of water, a 7 A/Hr battery, the 817 and ATU (I’ll just cover the “camera bag” with a ziplock bag in case of a bladder burst (Highly unlikely)), some Hammer perpetuem gels, logistics and the Fuch’s tuner / 21m end fed.

A RaDAR QSL card for all contacts made 

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE
SARL member. Radio ZS Contributor. Licenced since 1975
Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio