RaDAR – Trail ops success

Today started out early (07:15) as my wife Elrika and I made our way to Potchefstroom, 145km away, to upgrade her cell phone. They had no stock there so we travelled another odd 60km to Klerksdorp which was fine for it was closer to home for the journey back later in the afternoon. What was important was a sked with Pierre, ZS6A at 16:00 who was on the trail with his QRP rig and CW paddle. His wife Liz accompanied him. Activites like this don’t often happen in South Africa. It was a dream come true for Pierre – for sure!


Elrika was upgrading from a Blackberry phone to an Android phone. The SIM cards needed to be swapped and activation took about three hours, three hours we needed to wait before we could continue on our journey. It was around 15:00 when we left Klerksdorp an odd 120km from home. I passed Coligny at 15:40, 30km from home. I was a little concerned that Elrika would want to stop for bread and milk – she didn’t. We got home at about 16:04 – LATE!

I rushed to the back room, grabbed my RaDAR kit and set up in the back yard, hanging my 40m fixed tuned end fed over a tree branch and set up the rig on a garden table. By 16:10 I heard Pierre ZS6A in converastion with Rudi ZS6DX ….. I broke in as Rudi handed it back to Pierre. Signals were good although a slight bit of QSB on Pierre’s signal, mostly 599.


Successful RaDAR comms once again – if it not for RaDAR I would not have made it! Zola, my companion, enjoyed the short ops too. Pierre will be active again tomorrow and the next day same time (16:00) on 7.020 MHz or 7.030 MHz in case of a busy frequency.