RaDAR – A meeting with Eric 4Z1UG

Eric 4Z1UG is well known for the “QSO Today” podcasts he does each week talking to interesting people (hams) throughout the world. I had an opportunity to talk to him about RaDAR in July 2015. The podcast can be accessed on Eric’s website at http://www.qsotoday.com/podcasts/zs6bne

Eric was visiting South Africa for two weeks, his wife also came to accept her PHD in education from UNISA a distance learning university in South Africa. I had the honor of meeting her too. This was an ideal opportunity to meet them in person.


I had taken my minimalistic RaDAR kit along and we were able do a RaDAR deployment and to have a QSO on 40m with Koos ZS5KDK in Afrikaans. The end fed I was using had a loose connection and I needed to hold the wires together so it could work. We needed to open the tiny box and although I have tool kits in my standard and QRO RaDAR packs there was not one in the minimalistic kit! I borrowed Eric’s penknife ……

After a successful QSO, I was putting everything back together and Eric said I should keep the penknife. It will be a treasured gift I will keep in my minimalistic kit from now on.

Thank you Eric!


We had lunch together and a most interesting discussion on ham radio, technology and politics till late in the afternoon when I had to leave to make my way back home!


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