RaDAR – The nitty gritty facts


RaDAR has awakened the excitement of many hams throughout the world. Some shy away from it but keep one eye open and are aware of it’s “dangerous” potential. Exciting videos have been made, “The radio ham” by ZS6BNE and his son Edwill was the start. Many hams throughout the world are now making their own exciting videos on RaDAR. Indeed it flies the flag of good example to newcomers to this amazing technology, ham radio.

RaDAR changes the way hams see their purpose in the world of amateur radio, there must be a purpose, right? RaDAR offers an alternative to large sophisticated fixed radio stations to those that are movable, in fact the very essence of RaDAR is movement. It tests the ability to set up and successfully man a radio station under difficult conditions, conditions that one day may take many by surprise except the highly trained and practised RaDAR operator.

RaDAR makes the radio operator aware of what is required to to be an effective communicator, a healthy and fit individual that adds simple survival skills to his / her portfolio. RaDAR is forever evolving, essentially different in many ways. It promotes many forms of communications from morse code to advanced computerised digital modes. RaDAR promotes the use of space technology in every way possible. RaDAR is, daring to be different.

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