RaDAR – Daring to be different


“Daring to be different” – inspired by Lucy M6ECG

What makes RaDAR so “different” from any other ham activity?

Firstly, RaDAR is multi disciplined and promotes the use of all methods of communications available to radio amateurs from voice modes through to the digital modes including the use of satellite communications.

RaDAR promotes the use of basic survival methods that the operator is self sufficient and practised.

RaDAR promotes the exchange of useful information other than the basic limited exchange that takes place during most contests. The quality and accuracy of information exchange is considered more important than a large QSO count.

RaDAR promotes the use of navigation principles and grid locators to 10 character accuracy or even finer latitude / longitude detail.

What makes RaDAR totally different to other amateur radio activities is the requirement to move quickly from one point to another and to communicate from each deployment position. It is a prerequisite within the bi-annual contest to move after every 5 QSO’s before further contacts are allowed.

RaDAR is about moveable amateur radio stations be it fixed, mobile or on foot.

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