RaDAR – Logbooks and QSL’s

The RaDAR leaflet log

One contact per page …. can be stored in a shirt pocket!

The QSO information given concerns only the requirements for the given contact. It may require a signal report and serial or zone number or grid locator or age or whatever was required to make the contact valid.



While changing my QSL slightly for the years to follow I thought of many of the discussions that had taken place on the SARL forum over the years.

One of the discussions were about call signs and identity as far as licensing goes (ICASA)

QSO’s are made with a call sign regardless of the owner of the call sign, the call sign is simply an identity for the radio station – that’s it.

The operator is the responsible person at the time …. and the person that logs the QSO in an official log book and signs it

So, if this then be the case then no personal information needs to be given other than the call sign itself and the name of the operator.


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