RaDAR – Working DX and rubber stamp QSO’s

Like I’ve often said … I’m not a DXer


I’m kinda enjoying the occasional half hour a day on 20m CW.

How is the “rubber stamp” defined?


Station answers with his call IxABC

I call him IxABC de ZS6BNE GE OM RST 569 Name Eddie Eddie so HW CPY IxABC de ZS6BNE

He returns ZS6BNE de IxABC GE DR OM Eddie RST 549 OP Tony Tony TKS QSO 73 ES GUD DX ZS6BNE de IxABC K

Then I finish the QSO 73 Tony TU Dit Dit

He waves goodbye TU TU Dit Dit

No wonder I make four or five QSO’s in a half hour but it kind of feels well rounded. Sometimes the stations may exchange power and antennas used as additional info, QTH too.

In this case there is absolutely no doubt that the QSO is valid and the call signs and names confirmed.

Then it’s admin time and I take my scribbled notes and write them neatly into my log, go to qrz.com and log the call there. It’s nice to look at the Google maps to see where his station is, hey I’m enjoying Geography all over again!

Then I sit back and admire what we as radio amateurs are licensed to be able to do.

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