RaDAR – Back to the bench for the QCX

John ZS6JBJ was pounding in from an odd 250km away on Saturday. I recall the QCX deciphering the morse code it was receiving, John giving me a GENUINE 599 too. The QCX’s Class E transmitter is really awesome! The odd 3 Watts does very well.

Then the QCX’s audio started sounding a little shaky and gradually it disappeared yet the alignment tones can still be heard when switched on?

So, it’s back to the workbench this week. Luckily I have a reasonable RF generator so I can feed the QCX with a signal and try and find out why it no longer gets to the earphones ….

Maybe the 49er wants a turn on 7.023 again !!!

Update 2017-10-17

I fed a 1 mV signal at 7.023 MHz into the receiver, it’s still receiving! I’m used to a noisy receiver with no filters, this rig’s RX is only 200 Hz wide and QUIET! If it hears a signal then it plays the sound – 700 Hz CW. SSB of course is unintelligible, this is a CW only rig!

I heard ZS5CEV (If I recall correctly) calling CQ and he was strong, I answered but he did not come back. I was using one of my 40m end feds which was probably not optimally tuned.

Well that is good news.

The bad news is that the band pass filter peak adjustments look suspect, I may have to add or remove a turn or two on T1 – my biggest nightmare! The adjustments need to be made without an antenna or dummy load!

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