RaDAR – Operating the QCX 40m 5W CW transceiver

On Wednesday the 11th October 2017 around 17:50 local time (15:50 UTC) I had put up my home brew 40m end fed in the back yard. It was time to take my newly built QCX for a walk. Fortunately I tuned around and heard Daryl ZS6DLL calling CQ on 7.020. Excited with the prospect of making a first QSO (I had just managed to complete the alignments), I called Daryl and he heard me first time!!! Daryl gave me a RST 579 and he was a good 599.

I came back an hour or so later to call CQ before packing up and today after clicking a link to the RBN on my laptop, found that I had been heard in Namibia and at 12 dB!!!

Wow! Not bad for around 3W!!!

I found a protective carrying bag at a music outlet and for the time being I will carry the kit this way. Hopefully I will be able to make a few more QSO’s this weekend!



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