RaDAR – The first deployment


The transition behaviour during the four hour period is what counts. The initial deployment is however ambiguous.

Being away from home at 14:00 UTC would make you a portable station, if you’re still at home, fixed. That’s if you start operating at precisely 14:00 UTC.

I drove to my first position on the MTB and was ready for comms at 14:00 UTC but that really effectively means I’m portable not mobile! The second point could be counted as mobile as the bike was the transition method.

It’s a technical point we need to resolve for the future. It hasn’t been really that much of a critical thing but as RaDAR grows into something bigger and we start to split hairs, it could become an issue.

Either we accept a transition method directly before 14:00 UTC or we don’t. That would mean transitions (or not) need to take place at 14:00 UTC to determine the multiplier.

I’d like to give stations the benefit of the doubt by accepting whatever transition took place before the first contact even if it be in the first minute of the contest.

I kind of like the variety in deployments.

Arriving by car, climbing on the bike – going in the direction of a river, climb into a canoe and paddle downstream and cross to the other side, land, proceed on foot – stealth mode to the next deployment point etc.

It’s simple to take the points related to the transition to the operating point for calculation of the multiplier – if that’s important.


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