RaDAR – Not for the faint-hearted


Calling frequencies are there as a central watering hole otherwise we would need to scan too wide a range to find each other. We don’t have to stay on the calling frequency. I moved down after 3 QSO’s during the recent challenge and broke into a net to get two QSO’s that I could move to the next position.

Conditions and propagation play an enormous role. It’s a very real situation and it’s never easy – it’s how it should be.

The times were specifically chosen in South Africa  to bring the challenge of night time into the equation – it brings it’s own challenges and again, also very real. Yes we do need to consider the safety aspect, especially in our beloved country.

RaDAR is global now in different time zones. There will probably be a third challenge coming from the Americas in July I think.

RaDAR is different to other armchair, comfortable shack, type challenges / contests – too much of the same thing.

RaDAR is – daring to be different.

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