RaDAR – Contest results Region 1


RaDAR – Daring to be different!

It’s really awesome to see what Lucy M6ECG, as a lady, has achieved.

Sadly, RaDARers in South Africa are slowly fading, not that they think RaDAR is a bad idea it’s just they seem to have lost interest?

RaDAR has quite a history in South Africa starting as “Shack in a sack” (SiaS) years ago.  We had around 90 participants then! This year I have received only four logs, including my own. Much publicity was given! 

RaDAR really matured this year having a uniqueness and has been further refined for 2014 to include the inter national ham radio community.

RaDAR is a challenge like no other contest I know of. The contest is simply a test on what we practice regularly.

Only the following four logs were submitted for Region 1

Dick ZS6RSH – RaDAR Field station, QRP = 60 Points

ZS6RSH operating RADAR Field Portable

Theunis ZS2EC – RaDAR Fixed station, 100W = 16 Points

i me u 014

Eddie ZS6BNE – RaDAR on foot, QRP, Digital = xx Points


Lucy M6ECG – RaDAR on foot, 10W = 96 Points


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