The great circle of amateur radio

I started off slow. For many years I had a Yaesu FT101EE and later years invested in a second hand Kenwood R1000 receiver.

With an interest in digital I bought a second hand Kantronics KPC-2 for packet radio.

I didn’t get much further than the occasional HF contact and with, going to a lot of trouble, rally comms support and the occasional contest.

Large batteries and wire antennas, always … wire antennas.

I was stuck ….. and so many more things to do amateur radio wise.


It was around the time where the SARL hosted their first RTA (Radio Technology in Action) road show. Listening to talks from digital comms to satellites really sparked an adventurous journey with ham radio.

Out of respect and gratitude for the RTA’s I gave back my knowledge gained on many occasions. I will be forever grateful for the knowledge gained there.

I can’t recall exact dates but it wasn’t until I made an investment in the then affordable “latest technology” that I could really do things that I could never do before. From digital comms, meteor scatter to satellite communications. An Icom 706mkiig opened all those doors for me.

I grew from there on but my goals are different now with the experience of decades of amateur radio.

My interests are the bare minimum once again but with sufficient technology to be part of what I’ve learnt the last decade of my amateur radio life – essentially RaDAR …..

Four of the best investments ever were an Arrow handheld satellite antenna, Kenwood TH-D7A(g) dualbander, Signalink USB digital modes adapters and a Yaesu FT-847. I later bought a second hand FC-20 ATU for it just because it became available.

My trusty FT-817ND goes everywhere with me – forever ready from HF, digital modes to SatComms.

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE
Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio

Daring to be different

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