RaDAR Challenge – July 2020

Lock down Level 3 (Relaxed, but not yet level 2) – A HUNDRED and SEVEN DAYS! (FIFTEEN WEEKS + ) of an unknown length of time : Saturday 11th of July 2020.

Today was International RaDAR day …….. The CuddeBack trail camera was my photographer.

All contacts were via satellite. I tried some QRPp HF CW at the end to no avail.

Point 1 – Grid KG34ac19do Worked ZS4CGR, ZR6LJK, ZS6EMS, ZS1TA and ZS5AYC another RaDAR station in grid KF58cwo8gw80 via the AO-92 cubesat.

Point 2 – Grid KG34ac19eo Worked ZS4CGR, ZS5AYC and ZS5APT in grid KF58cw03bu56, FR5PF on Reunion island (He battled to make out my call sign even phonetically) and ZR6LJK via the AO-91 cubesat.

Point 3 – Grid KG34ac19el Worked ZS2BK and ZR6LJK via PO-101, ZS2BK and ZR6LJK via SO-50.


A successful RaDAR Challenge,

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