RaDAR – April 2019 challenge

Kobus Boshoff ZS6BOS took part in the RaDAR Challenge for the first time in April 2019. His results were pretty good managing four deployment points moving as a mobile station but deploying out of vehicle.

Kobus ZS6BOS

Kobus used manual logging but sent in a logbook in Excel format which looked very professional as it should be.

According to his first page declaration he used his FT-857d and dipole antenna. He also used VHF and UHF simplex frequencies. modes SSB and FM.

Eddie ZS6BNE tried to combine his RaDAR challenge with a trip to Potchefstroom initially starting out as an on foot RaDAR operator but only managing two satellite QSO’s using a TH-D7A and SA AMSAT Satellite yagi but had to walk back anyway to be in time to drive through to Potchefstroom. The plan was to continue satellite comms from the university but the stop/goes along the way didn’t allow for the planned time frame and the opportunity was missed. Lesson to be learned, RaDAR challenges cannot be combined with other activities. Dedicated attention is a prerequisite!

In the meantime John ZS5J was trying to call RaDAR stations from Kenya using various antennas including magnetic loops. Conditions were not favorable for HF DX.

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