RaDAR – and the Internet


Let’s face it, the Internet brought us all together via forums, Facebook, Google+ and EMail.

Facilities such as RaDAR membership registration, RaDAR Ops planning and RaDAR Chat have been written and are available for use. I’m contemplating writing an online logbook facility in the same format as the suggested written log. Lots of other ideas can be implemented from the data accumulated from the logbook entries.

There is one thing that concerns me though and that is the reliability of the Internet or access to the Internet while out practicing RaDAR. In just about every instance, access is gained via an over congested cell phone network. It has failed me many times and Saturday was no exception. I even went out and registered with a new service provider this week and moved from MTN to Cell C seeing my XYL was happy with Cell C. In my opinion they are equally …. bad!

I tried using the RaDAR chat facility during the RaDAR challenge on Saturday. I couldn’t get the message through. I’m sure many of us experience the same. Is it a problem? No, RaDAR should function without the Internet or any other infrastructure. We should train for a complete collapse of technology as the world knows it. RaDAR Operators should survive still within these circumstances.

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