RaDAR – The contest


Each competitor will build his / her own strategy and operate within a particular category – Fixed, Portable, Mobile and On foot.

Equipment decisions need to be made – Power supply, Rig, Antenna/s, GPS / Smartphones, Satellite equipment and Digital facilities. Decisions need to be made on what to carry if participating as a Mobile or On foot operator.

If you’re on the move, you need to cater for water at least and maybe a little food to keep you going. Four hours are fortunately not all that long.

If you’re close to the South African time zone you will need to consider carrying a headlamp at the very least as the night sets in.

Weather conditions need to be taken into account. Warm clothing and protection of equipment from bad weather.

RaDAR is a challenge when compared to any other contest. Moving stations are required to move the specified distance after every 5 contacts (The first 5 contacts could be made from the starting point). This will test rapid deployment and re-deployment. Each operator will use his own initiative to achieve his / her goals.

Watch the RaDAR Promotional video here http://vimeo.com/75865846

Have FUN!

2 thoughts on “RaDAR – The contest

  1. Nice, Eddie. I’m a backpacker/hiker, getting into amateur radio and this sounds like great fun. Nice video(s), great post! Mike, KEOGZT – Minneapolis, MN USA

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