RaDAR – Field antenna comparisons

On my to do list: 

I’d certainly like to do signal strength comparisons between a coax fed inverted vee and an end fed antenna (No radials – just a short coax feed) at QRP levels. In particular on 40m.

The end fed will also be raised, at the same height above ground, as an inverted vee with the same orientation hoping there is no interaction between the two, a few meters apart….

I would require patient experimenters within a radius of 500 km.

The FT-817 does have a software controlled antenna switch so switching between antennas takes a second or two.

I could use a digital signal like PSK31 as a signal source to make it easier to read a S meter or better signal indicator, it doesn’t have to be accurate, just an observation.

This experiment will put my mind to rest to know what best to use in the field as an on foot RaDAR operator which is my passion, no doubt.

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio

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