RaDAR – QTH vs Grid locators

The QTH is only really there for those that have no idea what their grid locator is but no harm in giving both, it’s easier to know where Lichtenburg is than KG33bu. The 10 character locator is available via applications like HamGPS on Android and many others. RaDAR accepts 6 but it would be great […]

RaDAR – The 10 digit grid locator

The RaDAR contest promotes the use of a 10 digit maidenhead locator. It certainly has it’s use in tactical communications and as close to APRS as you can get without the need for an APRS infrastructure. The recent contest showed that not many stations are ready for this technology, in fact the only station in […]

RaDAR – The way forward

RaDAR, much like other similar initiatives, is designed to get hams out of their comfort zones and to look for new ways to practice their hobby. “New ways” are the keywords here. For many years hams have been doing the same things over and over again, field days in particular. During the recent “One contact […]

RaDAR – Tracking hams in the field:

Tracking hams in the field: Log onto aprs.fi on your Internet browser. Enter any of the following criteria …. which means RaDAR operators will give their positions in any one of these formats sent by voice or morse code. For example, I use HamGPS on my Android cellphone. It gives me my position as kg34ac19mi …. So I’ll say, Grid, […]

RaDAR – Digital modes and Smartphones

Digital devices are becoming more and more part of amateur radio and in particular for the RaDAR operator. There are applications available for Android devices. A list of my favourites (Amongst others) are: Echolink – A client program that can be used to access Echolink enabled repeaters and simplex links anywhere in the world. It can […]