RaDAR – We will not forget

The seeds of RaDAR were sown thirty years before it’s birth. It lived for fifteen years. During it’s lifetime seeds were sown throughout the world and there may still be life elsewhere…..

RaDAR was designed to build good communicators through ham radio fun. The online community log was designed to bring such operators together to motivate each other. Through ignorance from the majority of Hams this initiative failed and died a slow death. Now there are only a relative few that fly the flag and stumble through the battle field…..

One thought on “RaDAR – We will not forget

  1. Dear Eddie, about two years ago I discovered RaDAR with which I feel fully identified and since then I have spread and practiced it. Unfortunately POTA removed it when I really liked it. I want you to know that in SPAIN I have created a Club to promote and disseminate it. RaDAR is not dead, he is still alive.

    RaDAR (Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio)

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