RaDAR – Not quite in the field

Icom IC-7200

Yesterday I took part in the SARL CW Contest, a three hour contest on 80m, 40m and 20m.

I had to quickly build and tune a section for my link dipole for 80m. I’d already added a 60m section so it was simply a case of adding seven meters of wire on each end and tuning for low SWR. Within a half hour I had a working 80m antenna, quite RaDAR’ish I might add.

I sat in the back room which is only two meters from my RaDAR Playground in the bush. Just recently I installed AC power but no lighting yet.

What a comfortable way of working a contest other than sitting on the ground in the cold winter fields running QRP! This was an absolute pleasure. I was heard on every call running between 60 and 90 W from the icom IC-7200. What an awesome radio!!!

I had bought some cheap headphones which sounded Hi Fidelity and I could not help myself but to compare it to the Xeigu X5105 I once had. It was absolutely AWFUL using headphones even when I turned the audio right down it still sounded like a ships engine room. The Icom was quiet!!!

I made more contacts in one session than I have done in quite a while.

As darkness and cold set in I packed up early not trying 20m. I still want to get my 20m end fed vertical up again. Maybe a goal for this week. I need to have something to do being an early pensioner (Hate that word!!! 🙂 )

3 thoughts on “RaDAR – Not quite in the field

  1. Looks like you have a nice IC-7200 Eddie =) It is not the best and lightest radio for RaDAR ( carry in the field =) It is a very capable radio with some options that make it much better rig =) I use a R Pi 3B+ to control it in the truck and in the field on Phone and really shines on Fldigi suite , JS8Call programs, and FreeDV ( APPs =) Thiir is even a backpack pack made for the rig and accessories at https://portablezero.com/icom706.html in eith a bag or frame carrier =)

    de Pat N5VMO

    • Hi Pat,
      Good to hear from you again and hope you are keeping well. Many thanks for the feedback. I was just about to write a short review on the 7200 🙂

      I’m at that stage now where I’m thinking RaDAR again. I know it’s big but the rig has a big heart. I’ll check out that backpack link. Many thanks!

      Keep well

      73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

      • Thanks Eddie =) You ill really like the IC-7200’s operations and menu to set-up voice or digital modes =) I have had the one I use for three years ( belonged to a friend=) I remember helping hime setup the Fldigi on it for his computer =) Remembering thinking to myself ( “WoW how simple a one wire PTT / Audio / Rig Control was “=) I used it in my shack for two years and RaDAR half that time and ALWAYS Field Day with me =) Now it is in the truck waiting to operate anywhere and any time I’m out with a rebuilt ( really abused and needing repairs ) High Sierra Screwdriver antenna mounted in the back corner of the bed of the truck =)
        Eddie give it a try with a R Pi 3B+ micro mini computer ( $35 ) ( as in my truck ) to really makes it a real small package to use in the field =)

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