Ham radio – My final rant

MFJ 9440

Well after two weeks the seller returned my mail but requested I send a WhatsApp message to him to get the rig photos, no number given. Then I cancelled the whole thing – been going on for too long.

He PROMPTLY replied via E-Mail with the pics and I thought maybe I was too harsh and gave him a second chance to continue with negotiations giving my PostNet address and requesting his bank details for payment …. well close on two days later he replied saying the rig was sold and collected by the second customer on the list! Well I’m glad for the other guy!

So, I’m finished dealing with radio hams in the second hand market / swops.

I have met so many good people over the years and many are my very good friends, good, caring, passionate radio amateurs – These guys and gals are my true friends even if we’ve never met. Through interaction, participation and sharing of their private worlds I know they are good people.

Luckily, we can choose our friends.

So, that’s the last, the old ZS6BNE is back having learnt a lot about human nature over the past year or two. Tomorrow marks twelve weeks of COVID-19 quaratine and I truly am concerned for my friends worldwide and their well being.

Many of my good friends have been made through RaDAR. I really miss the old Google plus RaDAR group where there was a lot of really good interaction, sharing of ideas, knowledge and experience.

I’m quite active on Facebook, it works for me and many of my local and international ham radio friends are there. It’s a good place to be and has certainly helped relieve the loneliness during the lock down period of which we see no end …….

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