Hamming after forty five years

My link dipole in the bush – No noise but no power either

I’m all for supporting the CW, SOTA and RaDAR initiatives but I no longer have a HF radio – for a while now. My 817 does however receive well but the finals have blown for the second time and that’s all I have. I miss the reliable radios I once had but that’s a story I’d rather forget.

I had a good deal for a 40m MFJ QRP radio but during lockdown PostNet courier services were closed. I made contact again with a ZS1 ham now that it’s possible to courier but the guy just forgot about replying to my mail! He’d probably forget to send the radio after payment too. I’m fed up with this kind of nonsense!

I made the decision last night that HF is a thing of the past for me. Well I tried to get back but hams are either holding on to their equipment or selling them for ridiculous prices! Buying new is now out of my league and it’s getting even worse especially now that the world is in turmoil since COVID-19.

But, I still have my TH-D7A and it’s a great radio for the FM sats. The 817 I can use for shortwave listening or tracking weather satellites or even listening to the linear sats. So I’m still an active ham in that regard.

I got tired of spending too much valuable time trying to break through and making a CW contact at 200 milliwatts. I used the driver section fed directly into the filter section of the 817. It works. I did have a few QSO to prove it’s possible!

So that’s it, no more HF communications for ZS6BNE but space communications, yes! I’m happy with my decision. I’ll base my RaDAR escapades on the sats like I did during the April challenge and if the SOTA guys use the FM sats I’ll support them too!

2 thoughts on “Hamming after forty five years

  1. Are you able to repair simple transceivers? You might search internet sites that have transceivers requiring repair. I don’t mean parts radios! Is there a reason you can’t have your
    817 repaired or have repaired your 817? It is too good a rig to not fully use. I am all cw QRP. GL don’t give up yet

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