RaDAR News – May 2020

Chris VA3ECO

Feedback from the April 2020 RaDAR Challenge.

Not everyone sends in a log but that’s okay as long as everyone had fun. There are no winners or losers in the RaDAR Challenge, you challenge yourself and your abilities giving what you have at your disposal.

Theunis ZS2EC was quite professional in his approach to sending in a log sending both ADIF and CABRILLO formats. Theunis is a regular contester and glad to see him being there in the RaDAR Challenge. The CABRILLO format was easier to read in a text editor. Theunis was abviously working as a fixed station. He was active for longer than the four hour period but he was there for others, mostly DX stations on 21 and 18 MHz in the morning and 7 MHz in the evening. Some stations sent a grid locator, hopefully some of them were also RaDAR stations.

My friend Greg Lane N4KGL always takes part in every challenge and makes regular You Tube videos of his activities. Greg always documents his outings on his blog and I encourage you to go and read his blogs and wath his videos. The URL to his latest report https://www.n4kgl.info/2020/04/april-2020-radar-challenge-report.html

Greg sent me his log via email and he wrote, “Eddie, Here is a file with the logsheets for the April 2020 RaDAR Challenge. I was assisted by Dennis WA6QKN. Lots of fun!”. Greg sent in a hand written log in the standard RaDAR Log format.

I received an email from Chris VA3ECO, “Hi Eddie, Here’s my log and pictures from my first solo RaDAR challenge. I was walking on the ice on Lake of the Woods, Ontario Canada.

You can post these pictures if you wish. Great fun!”. Chris sent in a hand written log in the standard RaDAR Log format. He was an “on foot” RaDAR station.

Sid ZS5AYC and Adele ZS5APT always take part in the RaDAR Challenges. South Africa’s biggest supporters. I did see Kobus ZS6BOS’s call sign mentioned in Theunis’s log but I’m not sure if he was active during the challenge.

Eddie ZS6BNE used the satellites during the challenge and the support from the satellite community in ZS was very good. His blog on his outing can be accessed on the URL https://zs6bne.wordpress.com/2020/04/05/april-2020-radar-challenge-done-and-dusted/ and well worth reading.

International lock downs due to the COVID-19 outbreak would have certainly had an effect on outdoor activities. Hoping we are still safe and healthy.

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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