RaDAR News – Lockdown

Our president in South Africa presented a plan of action to limit the effects of the Corona virus from spreading quickly. As from Thursday the 26th of March 2020, midnight, everyone is to stay at home for 21 days with the exception of medical, police, security and army personnel. This is serious stuff!

The whole world is affected but our symptoms are only starting to show. Registered infections seem to be doubling each day. Not everyone is taking this seriously, yet!

My family and I are voluntarily locked down out of town with only a small amount of permanent residents in the vicinity. On hearing the news we started calculating whether we’d be able to survive for three weeks. We will need to ration what we have. Hopefully things will look more positive in three weeks time and that the outbreak will be under control. It may not be! We’ll have to reevaluate the situation then.

I’m already thinking about doing some fault finding on my 817’s finals again for it’s really now I need to have a working radio. I’m OK for the FM satellites if I really need to have communications with someone at least in South Africa. I’m RaDAR ready in that regard.

Tomorrow it’s my 62nd birthday so no chores for me to do, not even washing the dishes! I’ll spend my precious birthday time delving into the insides of the 817 I think. It did blow my battery’s fuse while doing an ATU tuneup on 15m. Then there was a short to ground on the supply path to the finals which disappeared by itself! I never really took it further after the initial repair, totally disgusted with the situation but now this is part of RaDAR survival getting something operational because it’s needed! Maybe a good exercise under real conditions.

Many things will change socially and psychologically. The whole world will feel the financial pressures too but nothing can be worse than the loss of your loved ones.

Hoping that we all stay safe and healthy and that we emerge from this disaster relatively unscathed but it will take time we don’t know how long …..

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