RaDAR and POTA news – May 2019

I had received and email from Jason Johnston W3AAX. Jason’s opening sentence was, “RaDAR has been such a hit with POTA that I am thinking of raising the stakes a little since I can’t even keep up with the numbers for awards”.

This is something that was initiated by Greg N4KGL and Jason and it has been mentioned before and maybe a good time to revisit especially the ZS community in South Africa.

Searching the Internet I came up with the following URL, https://parksontheair.com/pota-awards/ and summary of which is as follows :

Rapid Deployment (RaDAR) Awards

RaDAR – Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio adds movement to portable operating. A RaDAR transition is moving the prescribed distance from your portable deployment after making five or more contacts:
Vehiclesmotorcycles and motorboats, etc. (motorized transport) – 6km
Bicycles – 2km
On foot and paddle canoes – 1km
Wheelchairs – 500m

  1. Warthog Award: two RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.
  2. Rhino Award: three RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period.
  3. Cheetah Award: five RaDAR* transitions at or between entities during a 24 hour period

Since these are based on distances traveled, you must apply by writing to W3AAX@outlook.com, and include your park numbers. Thanks!

Jason suggested the following,” It will become a one time type award, and instead of 2 (Warthog), 3 (Rhino), and 5 (Cheetah), I am thinking of 5, 7, and 10″.

I asked Jason to contact Greg and it does make sense to me too. Jason further asked in a later mail, ” As POTA expands to other countries, I’d love to see a presence in South Africa. Do you know any South African hams that might be willing to help me coordinate things there? “

– Of course, I made myself available!


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