RaDAR – RBN Skimmer tests

Reverse Beacon Network Results

And so two evenings ago I had a little success – well after a battle.

The computer was built in 2009 – I could still do a Windows XP update! It was necessary 

Internet Explorer – How I hate that browser!!! I could get a version of Chrome that still works on this old operating system.

I battled to get the RBN’s “Aggregator” software to install – it just CRASHED. Then I remembered reading about Dot Net 4 and downloaded and installed that first. Aggregator could work after that 

Oh, I had to install drivers for a plug in wireless USB adapter to get a connection to the Internet.

Skimmer was very jerky before the Windows XP update but better after the 130 odd updates that were installed.

I monitored 40m and 20m throughout the night while I slept ….

I sent RBN spots for a few stations that were heard on CW in the forty meter band 

OH the RAM on this old PC is a little over 200MB 

I had to reseat it (Old engineering first line maintenance procedure) and replace the BIOS backup battery.

Last night saw it’s own challenges. My temporary long wire came loose in the wind so a few spots were possibly missed in the process. Then this morning I discovered Windows rebooted due to an update so the computer ran for hours – for nothing.

I don’t like Windows!!!


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