RaDAR – Preparing the trail

Soon it will be the first RaDAR Challenge for 2019. The have heard of and seen a few large snakes sailing around the area, some pretty dangerous too, like the BOOMSLANG!

So I decided it’s time to clear the RaDAR training ground a little to make it a little safer to walk around and at least have room to deploy an antenna quickly without the wire getting tangled in some thick bush.

I started on Friday afternoon …..

140cc four stroke engine

I started by making a new road …..

I’m pretty impressed with the power of this motor!

So I started cutting the path …. It didn’t take too long considering.

The wild fowls liked to scratch around here afterwards.

Where possible I want to clear the grass around the natural trees. Most trees are of the thorny kind, the worst being the “Haak en steek” but a beautiful tree nevertheless and the bees love them!

A prime example

I used a nearby overgrown gravel road to make up the last few meters of a full kilometer loop but needed some cutting too.

The gravel road

My grandson did some trail running on the route.

A sharp turn it seems
A brief piece of shade

Tomorrow I’ll need to take a half days leave to clear an area next to the fence my immediate neighbour thinks needs cutting. I can’t agree more. The previous owner of this area never, ever bothered ….

Just being naighbourly ….. the task that faces me.
The RaDAR Playground – Alias E-Trail

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