RaDAR POTA and SOTA news

The view from Johnathan ZS1ARB’s “Shack”

Yesterday I made a little history.

I had a SOTA contact with Johnathan ZS1ARB operating from the Western Cape on 20m. All my SOTA chasing to date has been on 40m, mostly SSB.

I used my Xiegu X5105 running 5W into a 40m/20m delta loop set up in the field a few meters from home.

ZS6BNE’s “Shack”

The sked frequency was 14.300 but I had a carrier there. I could get the message through to go down five where we had a successful QSO on 14.295 MHz SSB.

This made my weekend and Johnathan easily made the required number of QSO’s for activation.

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