South Africa – The generators are running again

A helpless situation. Load shedding has been implemented again. Power supplies are cut, government institutions lie in darkness as are retail outlets. As I leave home to get back to work after lunch I turn into a refuse riddled main street. There is no shamefulness in litter here.

Actually I didn’t have lunch, the food could not be cooked and I settled for a bowl of bran and cold milk and a tablespoon of sugar for taste. I felt tired and slept for  twenty minutes. Not much else to do.

My Internet was down, no power to the router. No water either as I rely on an electric pump to pump water from my resovoir – there because for close on a half a decade the municipal water supply is mostly off. Switched on only to maybe keep my 2,500 litre resevoir filled, two or three hours a day! Everyone has a resovoir, you can’t live without one and this is the modern world?

Back at work, the generator is running. The main UPS failed twice recently sending IT systems into oblivion which takes days to fully recover. Risky business and no business at all. It is extremely costly to run a diesel engine at high revs for hours on end.

Books have been written about state capture, there are ongoing inquiries and court cases, no one yet has been brought to book. South Africa is dying and the corruption continues, the perpetrators walk free. A book to read which explains this quite well is Jaques Pauw’s “The presidents keepers”. It’s mind boggling stuff and it’s happening right here in South Africa. It’s horrifying.

My drivers licence needs to be renewed, it needs to be done every five years. I’ve been there three times, people hanging around and it appears there is no direction. The second time the place was empty, the machine used for eye tests and fingerprinting had broken. I suspect they are also now closed due to load shedding and so the queue gets longer ….

Nowhere to cry out, it’s going to get worse. The potholes in the road get bigger, drains either blocked or destroyed, electrical distribution boards stand open as citizens walk past daily.

Nobody cares …. 

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