RaDAR – Post Xiegu X5105 firmware update

Last week I flashed the then latest firmware to my X5105.

I took part in the All Africa contest this past Saturday afternoon just for fun and to try out the new firmware. This may not be everyone’s idea of fun but I kind of like updating the rig’s software and trying out the new features. Almost like a “work in progress” and the guys at Xiegu certainly appear to want to give the best service on their product that is humanly possible!

I tested the ATU, my main concern. I tuned up a 40m inverted vee on 15m and the ATU tuned perfectly – as it should.

The built in keyer was quite irritating though as it would send a random dot or dash and sometimes none at all that made me think I had a sticky paddle. I watched those contacts closely as I sent …. it wasn’t the KEY!!!!

Johan, ZS6AF said it sounded like my SSB signal had RF feedback. I was sitting directly below the antenna. Maybe the mic does pick up a little RF. Johan is an experienced HF operator so I’d take what he says seriously.

Sid, ZS5AYC operating ZS5H said I had a very strong signal into Natal.

One thing that was MUCH better was that tone that would knock you off your chair if you had headphones on and just switched on the rig. You know, where you see your callsign. Much quieter now 🙂

Overall I was happy with the firmware update and now there is a new firmware update that looks very promising, just a few days later. I will reflash the Xiegu X5105 tonight!!!

I look forward to the next outing but first there is family time this weekend.

Last night I flashed the X5105 again with the latest September 2018 firmware release – even better now!!!!


73 de Eddie ZS6BNE




2 thoughts on “RaDAR – Post Xiegu X5105 firmware update

  1. Hi Julian,

    Thank you.

    It can do CAT control with the supplied USB to serial cable. The same cable is used to flash the firmware. It has a data port but I’m not sure of the standard yet.

    73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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