RaDAR – Xiegu X5105

I’ve had the Xiegu X5105 for three weeks now. I’ve done a few outings and made a few contacts with it. Some on CW and some on SSB. The last few were as a roving RaDAR field station doing two separate deployments. Conditions on 40m are mostly skip nowadays!

Admittedly there were some issues I was not happy with but that was all sorted out with the latest firmware update. Many things are working better than my first experiences. The update went reasonably well although my first attempt crashed and I was left with a radio that didn’t want to switch on – it didn’t know it was a radio – that’s software!

The reason I went for the X5105 as my main RaDAR radio was for the following reasons :


Built in battery

Built in ATU (Working better now)

Programmable CW messages (Three)

All mode although my main interests are CW and SSB, CW preferrably!


It has a simple antenna analyser – very handy!

Built in SWR indicator

Built in filters

Dual VFO’s


Informative, large screen

Controls that can be seen in the dark

Fine tune capability

AM reception good – well, as good as AM

160m through to 6m including the 5MHz band

500 mW power setting steps up to 5W

Built in keyer

Built in PSK monitor – I’d prefer a CW decoder though

Adjustable digital filter (AFF – High and Low pass adjustments)

My next review will be in a few weeks time where I will have used the latest firmware update. Certainly updating to the latest version is ALWAYS a good idea.


73 de Eddie ZS6BNE


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