RaDAR – Playing the game

We don’t have to wait for the challenges to play RaDAR, we can do it any time.

I wrote a short booklet on playing the “Game” of RaDAR. It can bee seen / downloaded at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VTQZkIrwMz3I3jsxecC5NDLcuk0r4unG/view?usp=sharing


A few screen shots from the booklet :







2 thoughts on “RaDAR – Playing the game

  1. Hello Eddy, a great booklet. I’ll try to participate soon. Like you write, you can participate every day RaDAR style. For your information: there are a group of people busy to experiment with a alternative FT8 version. With this FT8 software it is possible to exchange more accurate info. Search for FT8call. This will be excellent for RaDAR use as well. 73, Bas

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