RaDAR – Playing the game

We don’t have to wait for the challenges to play RaDAR, we can do it any time.

I wrote a short booklet on playing the “Game” of RaDAR. It can bee seen / downloaded at https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VTQZkIrwMz3I3jsxecC5NDLcuk0r4unG/view?usp=sharing


A few screen shots from the booklet :








4 thoughts on “RaDAR – Playing the game

  1. Hello Eddy, a great booklet. I’ll try to participate soon. Like you write, you can participate every day RaDAR style. For your information: there are a group of people busy to experiment with a alternative FT8 version. With this FT8 software it is possible to exchange more accurate info. Search for FT8call. This will be excellent for RaDAR use as well. 73, Bas

  2. Hello Eddie.
    I had an excellent time testing out my man portable RADAR GoKit. Everything was carried, completely self-sufficient, whether It was needed or not. Proving the concept of increased Mobility was a personal success in this radar challenge. Portable power, multiple modes, few equipment limitations, if any, I can’t even begin to put the excellent experiences in words.
    I enjoy the radar to radar contacts but as you know, I live quite far North, with only a couple of RADAR operators in the region. Coordinating with them isn’t always easy, or desirable, but it is fun to catch one. Still I enjoyed the field test.
    The lack of warc band availability is a real bummer. There simply is no place of Refuge from the contesters anymore. Trying to understand the logic of this poorly explained change to no avail. How does blocking the warc bands improve the radar challenge experience? Yes we certainly must adapt, … well enough said.
    Thanks for the post Eddie
    Julian oh8stn

  3. Hi Julian,

    I’m glad you had success and that is awesome to hear!

    The only reason why I took the WARC bands away is that there were comments of not “going against the rules of contests” and so will not be part of RaDAR for that reason. RaDAR isn’t a contest but some may see it as such which is a real pity.

    I miss the WARC bands too, the contests do CERTAINLY get in the way and most irritating sometimes. Maybe time to reconsider this point. Our activity is nowhere near that of contests because it isn’t and that’s why it’s called a challenge, a personal challenge.

    YOTA 2018 will see a demo next month of RaDAR and the 60 or so children will take what they see back to their own countries to spread the word of the RaDAR “Game”. I know you don’t like to see it as a “Game” but the children might see it as such and see the more technical side at a later stage.

    Have fun!

    73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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