RaDAR – Smartphones

Quite a few years ago in the early days of Android I invested in a top of the range Samsung Galaxy Note (It came at the price of a FT817), one of the first “Note” phones. It was my way of getting to know this popular operating system in my job as technology manager. I discovered HamGPS an app capable of using the phones GPS to determine a 10 character maidenhead grid. This immediately became part of RaDAR.

It was in the days where I had no cell phone contract and used the method, “Pay as you go” on the MTN network. I worked this way from way back when I had a Nokia 3310 and even before that, a NEC! Then while on “early retirement” my XYL convinced me to take out a cell phone contract with cell c – it was the biggest mistake of my life! The phone they gave me was a Sony C4 which really had an excellent camera for photos and videos but that was about all. I constantly lost signal and the touch screen became a disaster half way through the contract and could not be replaced. On Friday I terminated the two year contract in it’s final month so by this time next month I will be contract free – and free!

In the meantime I’m using my XYL’s old Sony and have given my old “Note” to Eduan, my grandson. So that leaves me without the capability of determining 10 character maidenhead grids as the Sony I have now doesn’t have a built in GPS!

Maybe this is a good thing that I get back to using my very old Garmin Legend handheld GPS last used with APRS, even via FM satellites!

I can now only determine a 6 character grid square …… but, let’s see how it goes.


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