RaDAR – Supporting field day the ultralight way

This weekend was the SARL’s Field day and I took part in the ultralight, RaDAR like, category as a casual operation. It was fun setting up the antennas and making a few QSO’s. There were two special QSO’s firstly a QRP / QRP CW QSO with my friend Tom, ZS6OMT/QRP who is usually QRO but this wasn’t an official field day QSO though. Secondly Eben, ZS3EP answered my CQ while he was mobile and I QRP. We had excellent comms between us, also not an official field day QSO.

I took a few pics of Sunday mornings walk in the park. Unfortunately I twisted my ankle on the way not seeing a hole hidden in the grass and it wasn’t very pleasant staying on my feet for too long!!!

Ready to deploy the link dipole and RaDAR mast.

All hooked in and ready to raise the poles.

Deployed …..

Packing up / kit check.

As always, it was fun!!!

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE






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