RaDAR – Equipment and purpose

For me at least, the amateur radio equipment I have on hand should fit a purpose.

Anything in excess should go to a good home …….

So, I thought I’d make a list each with it’s purpose. Still, maybe too much from a RaDAR perspective.

My higher power RaDAR setup

FT-897d (Built in 13.8 v d.c. 20A PSU) + LDG AT897 ATU + Mic + Bencher paddle + QRO end fed tuner + Mofified MFJ tuner / HF SWR Meter / 160m end fed tune + Dual 7 A / Hr SLABs+ (New design) ZS6BKW open wire fed HF antenna + Coax.

Parks On The Air (POTA) (Medium power – carried permanently, stored in the car (Not installed) )

B25 ex military radio + Handset + 7 A / Hr SLAB + HF Link dipole and coax.

On foot RaDAR

FT-817ND + LDG z817 ATU + Mic + Vidi Paddle + Lensatic compass + Rossi battery supply / torch + Headlamp + 9:1 UNUN fed long wire (Multiband) + Garmin legend GPS + Smartphone (Camera) + Backpack.

Digital modes 

HP 210 Netbook + Elementary OS Linux + FL-Digi / WSJT-X + Signalink USB + Wireless mouse.

RaDAR SatComms

FM Satellites / Cubesats : Full duplex TH-D7A(g) + Mic + Mono headphones + MP3 Recorder + Dual band Arrow Yagi incl diplexer + Tripod+ Rossi battery supply / torch + Headlamp.

Linear transponders (SSB) : Half duplex On foot RaDAR kit (FT-817ND) + coax flylead and adapter.

The rest is really only CW “fun stuff”

HB1A + Hand key + Rossi battery supply / torch

QCX 40m CW Only (Rechareable penlight batteries) / 49er CW Fixed frequency (7.023) (Penlight batteries) + Miniature hand key + 40m end fed tuner + 40m EFHW long wire.




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