RaDAR – Meet TUD the QCX

My QCX 40m CW only transciever built from a kit, nickname “TUD” – The Ugly Duckling.

I had a few challenges building this rig and it almost became a …. beacon, but hey, it can still be, quite handy if I want it to be!

T1 – everyone’s nightmare but mines working now …. I think. Not such a big issue peaking the band pass filter. The biggest problem was the audio that gradually got worse but this was the cause ……… an intermittent short circuit on the earphone socket. The socket was a mission to fit I recall but at first all was OK!

So I moved C51 and soldered a new socket to the 49er “daughter board” introduced as a audio output work around a while back. Now I have TWO audio outputs, the HiFi QCX output and the LM386 output. The one can be used to feed a MP3 recorder for recording CW QSO’s!!!

I have now completed my journey and can get on with my ….. ham ….. life!!! šŸ™‚

Hoping for a QSO or two later today ……… šŸ™‚

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE




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