RaDAR – Building a QCX 40m 5W CW transceiver

After having success building a 49er and using it, I was offered the QCX kit from a local distributor at a reasonable price. I also had already successfully repaired my HB1A so it was a financial decision I had to make. Fortunately it seems I made the right decision to build yet another radio. The QCX impresses me more each day!!!

It has been a few evenings hard work and INTENSE concentration but I’m almost finished. Fortunately I had a week’s holiday in between so I could come back with new found energy.

The toroids are in too just the four winding toroidal transformer remains to be built and installed which I will do this evening. Then a few controls need to be put into place then it would be time to power up and start with the alignment!!! That should be the cherry on the cake šŸ™‚

Some pictures from where I started … Fortunately the two tiny SMD components are factory mounted!

This could form an ideal RaDAR Paraset for 40m CW only ops!!!



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