RaDAR – The RaDAR One Hour Sprint design phase

There are three, four hour full RaDAR challenges, that take place internationally each year. The idea behind the RaDAR One Hour Sprint is to promote the use of CW (Morse code) and to attract newcomers to this awesome method of communicating over radio.


I was thinking monthly but weekly sounds better. It could coincide with the CW Proficiency badge system submitted to the SARL council earlier this year which was accepted in principle. Say every Saturday at around 16:00 to 17:00 local time on 40 meters. If you miss the schedule then it’s only a week to wait and then you can try again.

Frequencies between 7.020 and 7.030 with special regard to Pixie transcievers on 7.023 MHz.

The RaDAR sprint QSO’s can take place using a “rubber stamp” method which could help newcomers, like the young “Hammies” to overcome their fears and build confidence using the morse code on the air. Similar guidelines to “Morse Runner” which is the proficiency testing medium.

All communications using a hand key and speed around 12 w.p.m. (Level 1)

Station legend :

A – Fixed station at home or in another building

B – Portable station

C – Motorized mobile station

D – Bicycle mobile station

E – On foot / Canoe station

F – Wheelchair station


The QSO format could be such

Calling CQ – CQ RaDAR de ZS6XYZ          (Can be repeated)

Reply – ZS6XYZ de ZS5ABC 599 A             (Answer the CQ station, RST 599, I’m a Fixed station)

Query – QRZ ? de ZS6XYZ                           (If the station was not copied correctly)


Confirm – ZS5ABC de ZS6XYZ 559 E TU   (Confirm the calling station’s callsign, RST 559 , I’m on foot or in a canoe , Thank you)

And that’s the QSO made and can count towards QSO credits for the proficiency badge.

See https://zs6bne.wordpress.com/2017/02/17/radar-south-african-cw-operators/

We can start this weekend …… and I’ll have it approved for the “Blue book” in 2018.


73 de Eddie ZS6BNE





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