RaDAR – Assessing the QRO kit

A little while ago I swapped my FT-847 (Satellite capable HF/VHF/UHF radio) + FC-30 automatic ATU for an FT-897d (HF/VHF/UHF radio) plus accessories which included a LDG AT-897 automatic ATU, Collins SSB and CW filters and a mobile bracket (Unable to use with fitted ATU).

I did have the TOKO filter replacement done by Daniel, ZS6JR which cost me just over a grand but good to know the rig is sound and in optimum working condition.

I later bought a second hand built in FP-30 AC power supply for it. It wasn’t cheap either but I felt it was a useful addition for “Fixed station RaDAR” without having the need to transport a separate high power (20A Plus)13.8 volt DC power supply.

The rig can take internal batteries or a battery supply can be plugged in using a separate DC cable. 7 A / Hr SLABS work well in this regard. All this fits in well for RaDAR

I did some price checks with values I got off the Internet.

FT-897d – $725, AT-897 – $165, FP-30 – $175 and MMB-50 – $37 = $1,102 = R14,320.00

That’s a pretty price to pay for a rig with it’s accessories but sounds more or less what it is. A good investment. I keep it within a protective carrying case for safe keeping.


73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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