RaDAR – Snapshots in time

Rapid Deployment Amateur Radio is about to be acknowledged once again in an incredible way and I felt it good to browse down memory lane to the very beginnings of the acronym RaDAR. Most of the timestamps come from the South African Radio League’s website, the SARL Forum.

The origins of RaDAR are from another acronym, SiaS, short for “Shack in a Sack”. The call for a better name came from a man by the name of Hans ZS6AKV. It was discussed with Eddie ZS6BNE while having supper after a day’s work at the Cape Town RTA, “Radio Technology in Action”. On the 24th of August 2009 a hint was given that SiaS was to see a name change and a few hours later the acronym RaDAR was presented to the readers of the forum which was quite active at the time.

Plans went ahead to host the first RaDAR excercise for the following month on Heritage day the 24th of September 2009.

About ten months later notes were made of Elmar PD3EM and his team doing a RaDAR expedition promoting the ideas of RaDAR.

Around March 2011 the RaDAR logo was embroidered in orange on a high quality but tough T-Shirt with collar. A few were donated as prizes during later contests to those who excelled in the RaDAR contests which followed.

RaDAR presentations were done at the SARL’s AGM in May 2011 and also at the RTA in Cape Town. Shortly after, the following RTA took place in Port Elizabeth. RaDAR promotes many means of communications, voice, morse code, digital modes and satellite communications.

and finally before the final RTA in Johannesburg, the RTA in Durban on the 30th July 2011.

Now almost six years later, RaDAR has seen many highlights and changes to finally become an internationally accepted method of practicing amateur radio through movements which makes it a unique activity.

Watch this space.

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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