RaDAR – The prelude to the April 2017 Challenge

By this time various parameters have been taken into account to determine an optimum four hour session within the available twenty four hour window. As far as ZS is concerned the times from 13:00 to 17:00 UTC have been chosen for the greatest chance of local and international RaDAR communications. Of course propagation is the gateway to success.

A “RaDAR International” WhatsApp group has been created as a means of notifications for precise times, frequencies and modes that we know where to find each other where in the past it was like finding “a needle in a haystack”. Already many of the key players have joined the group. Presently the group administrators are Greg N4KGL, Pieter V51PJ and Eddie ZS6BNE. If you wish to become an administrator to add other RaDAR inclined radio amateurs to the group, please let one of the administrators know and they will give you admin status. Many hands make light work.

It’s worthwhile noting again that the RaDAR Challenge is not a contest. We challenge ourselves to communicate while keeping rapid deployments and movements in mind. Accurate information exchange like 10 digit grid locations is important. Moving quickly using whatever means of transport and redeploying is always a challenge.

We compare experiences and points afterwards not to be winners of a contest but knowing how effective your own deployments and communications abilities are. Learning, improving and sharing ideas.

Unfortunately, or maybe good for a change, I’ll be setting up as a portable station with a little more power than what I’ve always used. But I’ll be there looking out for the little signals using the WhatsApp messages as a guideline.

Good luck guys and have FUN!!!

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE



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