RaDAR – Differences in application

It is really awesome that the concept of RaDAR movements have been included within the KFF section of WWFF’s (World Wide Fona and Flora) award system. There are however small differences in it’s application which the RaDAR operator needs to keep in mind.

The various applications of RaDAR fit in well with the overall infrastructure of the environment within RaDAR operations take place.

Snapshots have been taken to explain the details more clearly.

This is applicable to the challenge of RaDAR typically during the three international RaDAR challenges that take place each year.

Here again, the points system is applicable to the three yearly RaDAR challenges.

The RaDAR movements and the required movement distances relative to the mode of transport are valid throughout every RaDAR application.

The essence of RaDAR within the WWFF program is more about RaDAR movements within parks for an additional award. The keywords here are “making five or more contacts”. The focus is more on activating parks than fast deployments but introducing the concept of movements, or simply moving the station to another location thus including the additional challenges of RaDAR.

Note too, that there is a time limit of 24 hours wherein the movements during an activation that must take place. That places a little stress on the activator but worth the extra effort for an awesome award!

The most ideal methods of movement are none less than being on foot or on a mountain bike but RaDAR caters for all kinds of movements. The distances are there to introduce reasonable fairness between the various methods of movement.

WWFF-KFF awards are really awesome. They fill the gap where RaDAR has no award system. RaDAR remains simply a concept by which alternative ways of practicing amateur radio can be made.

Further information can be seen here https://wwff-kff.com/


73 de Eddie ZS6BNE



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