RaDAR – Pack dilemmas

The RaDAR challenges for 2016 are done and dusted, that besides occasional fun deployments, each time learning new things and discovering new ideas.

A while ago I made cutouts between my mid sized pack’s compartments to route cables or whatever was appropriate. This weekend my XYL Elrika, added some finishing touches in the form of curtain rings. It’s the answer!!!

dsc_0034                dsc_0035

My minimalistic pack had surpringly good results but it is what it is, minimalistic and not intended for a lengthy amount of operating time and also QRP is the highlight even preferably less than 5W.

My favourite pack was always this mid sized pack but I have thought about storing some of the goodies in different places. At the base, as always, the car wash sponge for shock absorbtion for the rig etc. or possibly place for a 7 A/Hr SLAB stored in a plastic container. Then a 5 litre plastic container with it’s top removed to hold the Rossi / flashlight / battery, 817’s mic, morse key (Straight or a paddle), compass, dedicated smartphone for digimodes then the Yaesu FT-817ND and LDG z817 ATU.

A “shelter” and logbook accompany the latter. Then there is the Garmin Legend backup GPS with built in maps. It can also be used for APRS if the need arises.

Antenna hardware in the side pockets be it an end fed or link dipole and coax leads. A tool kit in the back compartment, also a place to carry food, water and a windbreaker.

If doing RaDAR Satcomms (Something that has become the highlight in South Africa the past two weeks) there should be a special place for my 4 x AA cell powered Kenwood TH-D7A handheld, a full duplex solution for amateur radio satellites like SO-50. An Arrow antenna can be carried in one hand, reasonably lightweight and easy to handle if carried in the centre.

Time to pack and test the new configuration! Somehow having the radio powered within the pack allows faster deployment times. Maybe time to return to that school of thought ….

73 de Eddie ZS6BNE

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