RaDAR – Final challenge for 2016

2016 saw important changes to the RaDAR challenge again ensuring that the rapid side of RaDAR stays key. The last challenge for the year takes place on Saturday the 5th of November 2016. You define your own four hour challenge within the time frame of twenty four hours. If you wish to include DX contacts then you’ll need to take into account the time of day and best choice of band to suit your needs. It’s all about planning and that’s a good thing.


RaDAR is not limited to any amount of power to the antenna or even the antenna itself. You make your own choices. You also don’t have to move around if you prefer to work from a fixed location. If you choose a specific moving category, you choose how you would choose to move. It can be your microlight, car, motorcycle, bicycle, canoe or even a wheelchair. These methods can be interchanged during the challenge. All you need to do is to take into account the distance you need to move after every five QSO’s depending on your type of transport. The various distances are there to make the challenge fair amongst the various ways of moving. The most basic movement is on foot which is generally the preferred method and the distance to move, one kilometer.

The challenge is really there to challenge yourself within a not so perfect world. The four hour challenge will put some pressure on you and that’s good. If you have practised RaDAR before you will know what you need and how effective your station can be. Of course propagation can be your friend or enemy but we still have the choice of where and how.

You can use SSB, morse code, any legal digital mode, in fact your first digital mode QSO could get you five bonus points! You may be even lucky enough to have a satellite QSO and that will give you five bonus points for the first QSO too. Satellites are easy to plan for but challenging to carry a reliable infrastructure with you. But, it still remains your choice.

Four hours is not a long time but ensure you stay hydrated on a hot day, take some snacks along with you and in general stay safe out there. Choose a safe environment and note, at least in South Africa, the snakes are already out there …..

See http://www.radarops.co.za for more detail.

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