RaDAR – It’s nothing new

The majority of hams will have, or have had, a special place where his / her equipment is / was stacked on shelves or on a desk, permanently wired and placed for convenience to the ham radio operator. Some may have ventured to placing these items in a “go box” or flight case for easy transportation to an alternative place. Sounds much like RaDAR, rapid deployment amateur radio, doesn’t it?


Some may have ventured into the outdoors taking part in “Field days”, “Summits on the air” or “Parks on the air” activities. Now this is really starting to sound like RaDAR!


Many people enjoy an adventurous and healthy lifestyle. Walking on a trail or climbing a mountain! Now that’s even closer to RaDAR!


RaDAR is just an acronym, a summary of what this unique amateur radio activity entails. It’s more than just amateur radio, it’s a survival activity too. You need to carry, water, food, suitable clothing and sometimes even shelter with you. You may even be alone, in fact you’ll be out in the wild mostly alone!


As we hone our skills as a survivalist and communicator, we should share our knowledge with others that they too become survivalists and good communicators. RaDAR operators! Ideal training for newcomers to the “hobby” of amateur radio.

100_5317        100_5341

Practice regularly, change what you need to change, forever improving. Share your knowledge.

See http://radarops.co.za/index.php/radar-rules/


3 thoughts on “RaDAR – It’s nothing new

  1. What really captured my attention was having to rapidly set up and tear down. Call it a contest, exercise, etc., It really makes you think about your next objective and time restraints. Thank you for creating such an awesome event. 73 – KA1DBE

  2. Sounds like fun, Eddie. Count me in! I’m a trail guy from way back; radio is new, but I’m slowly coming along with it. Mike, KEØGZT

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