RaDAR – A QRO Alternative

The opportunity arrived to make a swop out with my shack bound, excellent condition, FT-847 for a shack bound, excellent condition, FT-897D that can be used for RaDAR out of the shack. It suited both of us as each had their pros and less cons. I know too, my 847 has gone to a very good home!

I’ve worked two rag chew DX stations on 20m, one SSB and the other CW. I’ve been trying to fathom out how the menu settings work and they are fortunately similar but more complex than my old faithful FT-817ND.

Last night I notice the Mem / VFO CH control was very loose, or at least it felt that way. Browsing the Net I found one or two similar comments.


After lunch this afternoon I removed the knob to see if I could see anything out of the ordinary but no, that seems to be normal. It would be great to hear comments from other FT-897D owners.


Anyway, I’m waiting for the mobile bracket to arrive and then I will build a structure inside the back pack to safeguard the rig. This setup will form the basis for my QRO (Higher power, up to 100W) RaDAR setup. The 817 is still there for QRP RaDAR.

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