RaDAR – My RaDAR Playground history

What a harsh reminder of early beginnings, these pictures I discovered here. Fond memories actually …..

Molopo 50

I dreamed I could do it all myself!

Camera 360

Fortunately there were contractors willing to help!

Camera 360

Foundations were dug

Camera 360

and filled with reinforced concrete designed to take the load of a double height building.

Camera 360

A deep hole was dug amongst the natural rock.

Camera 360

It would become a french drain serving two households.

Camera 360

with a second compartment for soapy water drainage,

Camera 360

Then floor height walls were built on the foundations and filled with gravel.

Camera 360

and time to lay the underground electrical conduits ….

Camera 360

Section for section the concrete slabs were laid.

Camera 360

Until the floor was complete, a rough finish.

Camera 360

and so it stood this way ….. for a very long time.

We planted trees, in the meantime.



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